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Dome Arrays
Dome Arrays

The Metal dome array (key dome array) is the most cost effective solution for a simple switch with a superior tactile interface between your equipment and the user. A metal dome array is a kind of PET sheet that carries metal dome contacts. It is applied to PCBs to function as switches of mobile phones and electric home appliances. Compared to the membrane polyester switch which was formerly used, it gives good click-feeling. It also gives much longer lasting life span compared to poly dome sheets. It also takes place of down going productivity of tact switches with its potential productivity.
Metal dome contacts on the sheet/array are positioned over the contact point of PCBs. When a dome is pressed, the center of it contacts to the PCB and let the electric current flow through. This is how metal dome arrays work.



1. A long life time over than million click.
2. A uniformity click feel, nimble feel.
3. A low cost and a short term of R&D, very good for fit to small and slim size.
4. Not necessary to specify soldering at that time of product assembly.

ACTIVATE works very closely with its customers in order to insure the success of its projects. Working on the customer`s drawing, the Research and Development Department offers specific solutions that meet your needs.



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