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EL Backlight
Jasper Electronics has come up with a new ultra thin panel to be used in membrane switches, precision instruments, toys, electronic gifts and advertisements. That is called Electro Luminous panel. It has an in-built lighting system of a flat coated wire that lights up designated parts of the graphics, at specific time intervals, thus attracting the viewer`s attention and keeping it there for the interval it takes to light up the entire screen. Run by means of battery, it uses just two of the simple 3A type of cells. The size and shape of the panel is flexible. Jasper Electronics can meet customer needs with a variety of custom colors through blending and cascading techniques. It can even be made in miniature sizes to be incorporated into membrane keypad and some other finished products, turning them into great promotional items.
Main Specifications:
1 Uniform surface illumination of various shapes
2 Extra filmsy and light weight
3 vibration and stock proof
4 very low heat generation
5 operating voltage:  DC 1.5V~24V AC 30V~160V
6 Lower power waste: less than 10mw per sq cm
7 Life characteristic (non-flash type): 6000H~20000H  (flash type): 3000H~6000H
8 Convert and adapater are avaiable to clients¡¯ request
EL Backlight
EL Advertisement
Lighting Badge
EL Wire

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