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Flexible PCB

Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC) is for the design of 3D Substrates, and provides the good connection between electronics components. Jasper manufactures high-density FPC`s, foldable in three dimensions. FPC has some advantage which rigid circuit can not compare with, eg. shrinkage, flexibility, fold, light weight, compact size, good diffusion heat. Because it can curl, bend and fold, and move freely, FPC becomes an excellent choice when the space arrangement design is being made. It does cater well for the industrial tendency of "high density, compact size and reliability". FPC has been widely used in aerospace, military, mobile communication, notebook, computer periphery, PDA and digital cameras etc. fields. The polyimide material Jasper utilized mostly comes from JJ Flex, which is the best-of-class material in the world.

Main Specifications:

1Base material: Polyimide, Polyester;

2 Copper: 1.0 oz, ED ; Cover layer: Polyimide, 1 mil ; Thickness: 0.1381 mm ; Line Width/Space: 3.9mil/3.93mil ;

3 Surface Finishing: Immersion Gold ;
4 Smallest Hole Diameter: 0.40mm.
5 Wide application in the field of communication, automobile, computer, digital camera, etc.v
Single sided-FPC
Double sided-FPC
Multi-layer FPC

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