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Membrane Switches

Jasper has accumulated many years of membrane switch making experience, and most of our people have been in this business for more than five years. We maintains a work force of highly trained engineers who are able to quickly respond to customers differentiate demands for membrane keypad products. 

Membrane switch has many characteristics, eg light and slim, dust-proof, insulation, anti-shock and easy assemble. By virtue of those features, membrane switch are extensively applied in medical device, industrial control, home electronics, and precise instrument industries etc.  

There are a number of options within a membrane switch as described below
The graphic overlay is textured in either matt or gloss and a range of custom finishes in between. A matt textured finish is most common. Windows can be printed in the matt polyester to allow clarity for LCD and LED displays and the windows can be tinted in a variety of colors.
Metal domes are tactile devices that are inserted within the membrane switch to give a physical tactile response when pressed (Clicked). They can be designed as part of the circuit or above the circuit. A range of sizes are available. An alternative to a metal dome is a polyester domes which is created by permanently forming one layer of the membrane into a dome shape.
Backlighting is frequently seen in many devices. There are a number of ways to do this however the most effective are Electro luminescent Backlighting (EL) and woven fibre. Jasper can do EL-embeded membrane switch with perfect combination technique.

Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) is a major factory which industry engineer considered, and also legally restricted in many countries. Electronic equipment must be protected from unanticipated behavior caused by RFI and Jasper Electronics has developed specialist solutions in this area.
It is possible to incorporate surface mounted devices such as LEDs and resistors with the membrane switch. This may save allow costs savings in PCB design while allow flexible placement of the PCB.

Main Specifications:

1 Polycarbonate, polyester or polyvinyl chloride layers
2 Multi-color graphic overlays
3 Engineered adhesives
4 Metal domes or polydomes
Mechanical characteristics
1 Actuation Force, Nontactile: 4oz. to 16oz.
2 Actuation Force, Tactile: 10oz. to 16oz. TYPICAL
Switch Stack-Up Thickness: available for custom specification
Electrical feature
1 Current Rating: 50 ma AT 30 VDC
2 Actuations, actile: 1 million minimum at maximum rated load
3 Actuations, Nontactile: 5 million minimum at maximum rated load
4 Switch Contact Bounce, Tactile: 10 milliseconds max
5 Switch Contact Bounce, Nontactile: 5 milliseconds max
6 Termination Contact Resistance: 100 ohms max, loop
7 Insulation Resistance: 1 Gohm Win AT 100 VDC
Environmental condition
1 Operation Temperature: -20 °C to 100 °C
2 Storage temperature: -25 °C to 115 °C
3 Humidity: to 95% (switch fully sealed to environment)
Operational Tolerance
Printing tolerance: &plusmn 0.25mm         Cutting/Assemble tolerance: &plusmn 0.2mm


Flat Type
Tactile Feeling Type
W / Metal Dome
Membrane Circuit
Dome Arrays

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