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Jasper Electronics Co.,Ltd. is a major provider of products, services, and solutions to the EMS (electronic manufacturing service) companies. Ever since inception, Jasper has operated with the corporate philosophy, "our success is based on customers' satisfaction, and it is what's inside that counts. " and in the process, Jasper has cultivated a high level of technical expertise and quality reputation.

With wholly-owned manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen, China, which performs integrated service from design, tooling to final production, Jasper can produce membrane switch, nameplate, flexible circuit, sticker, doming label, EL panel and keypad assemblies in house, meanwhile help clients source some items to meet their differentiate demands, eg rubber keypad, circuit board. We have been highly ranked in a number of fields because of our expertise in electronic technology accumulated over ten years.

We are committed to give our priority to the needs of society with a long-range perspective. Moreover, we are committed to our customers who bestowed their trust on us to continue our efforts in design to their needs.
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